Educational Technologist

Educational Technologist, Digital Strategist, e-Learning Guru… whatever you want to call the role, every school needs one! Stephen has more than a decade of experience in steering schools towards short, medium and long term success in their digital vision. As a classroom teacher and digital specialist, he occupies a unique ‘sweet spot’ in being able to identify and implement the differing (and sometimes opposing) needs of teachers, students and IT staff.

Stephen is passionate about the seamless integration of technology into the classroom for both staff and students. Having a clear, progressive, sustainable, ambitious and inspiring digital strategy is of paramount importance for every school. Digital Strategy has at all times to be fully integrated into a school’s learning framework, following the example of those produced by ISTE. Digital Strategy doesn’t stand alone or remain static; it is always dynamic, curriculum embedded, fluid and guided by the schools aims – not by whatever technology is current.

The mantra for any use of technology is not a gratuitous “what it can do”, rather “how can it actually improve learning?”. 

Stephen is currently a member of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) and a qualified Google Certified Trainer.